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Board Game Production, Illustration, Demos/Promos, and Printing!CD/DVD Covers & Booklets, Inserts & more!Web Sites, Web Pages, Web Graphics, Web Animations and Web Banners Corporate ID, Logos and Letterhead 
Presentation Services, Posters, Name Tags and more!Business Cards and PostcardsBrochures, Newspapers & Magazine Advertisements, Banners, Trade Show Posters and more!About MJS Creations  

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We create designs from start to finish for: Board Games, Card Games, Websites, Logos, Letterhead, Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, CD/DVD's, Banners, Advertisements, Magnetic Signs, Post Cards, Package Design, Prototypes & more!

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Game Design, Game Manufacturing, Game Prototypes, Game Pieces, Warehousing for Games, Distribution, Order Fulfillment, Game Parts, Game Packaging Custom Plastic/Custom Pewter Pieces & more! 

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