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Referrals . . .

"I found MJS Creations to be honest, dependable, efficient, and highly talented. If they were sitting in a New York Office (which in my opinion is where they should be), there's no way I could have afforded them. As it turned out, I got lucky. You can't go wrong with MJS and trust me, you will be delighted with the results."
Steve Lockman

"MJS did a great job on my box design, which is probably 1/2 of the sale value of a board game, so I understand it's importance. They are very good at doing what you ask them to do, with their own artistic interpretation added with just the right flair. They actually delivered more that I asked of them, and I will use him again in the future"
Jim Lundberg

" folks did a first printing of 2 games...I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thank you for all of your time and effort.  We received the air shipment and the games are wonderful!  We're anxiously awaiting the rest of the games and will drop you a quick note when they arrive...

Lastly, I want to say thank you for the good job you folks did on the last print run.  I have gotten compliments on the quality of the finished product, and having a good first product has made all the difference in the world in launching a new game company.  I have been recommending you to anyone that asks me how I got the games made."
Daniel Weaver - Knightweaver Games

Comments . . .

"The game looks AMAZING! You did a wonderful job and have been very professional and responsive. So thankful that I selected your company as my partner!"
Ian M. Seattle, WA USA

"Well this makes it very easy. I really appreciate that you are willing to go out of your way to make this easier for me. I will definitely say that i am impressed with your customer service thus far. You have been prompt in your replies, and have gone a step beyond what was necessary every time to take care of me."
Samuel N., Bluemont, VA USA

"Your company is very high on my list of considered manufacturers.  Your only competition at this point may be Hasbro."
Wallace S
., Marietta, GA, USA

"Wow! The game boxes turned out gorgeous. All the game pieces fit great and we are very happy."
Kent C., Montrose, CA, USA
"We received the games ...They look great! Thanks to all for a GREAT JOB!!"
Arch, Merritt Island, FL, USA
"Just to let you know, we received our first large order from [a major franchise] yesterday  for all 3 [different designed] games for delivery Sept. 19th... all who see these games are so impressed with the artwork. It truly is remarkable."
Paul L., Jamestown, ND, USA

"The licensing company was astonished at the high quality of this game and approved it on the first pass, and was going to advise the university to approve it too!"  

"...they approved in 2 weeks rather than the normal 6 or more weeks"
Bill E., Pelion, SC, USA

"The Astra show was a great success for us.  We got many compliments on the professionalism of the game design and how great it looks! "
Paul A., Basking Ridge, NJ, USA  

"Love the products!"
Joseph L., Foster City, CA, USA

"...again my many thanks, for making this game look so outstanding!!" 
Sandy E., Las Vegas, NV, USA

"Wal-Mart finally got back to me and excepted the game for the local vendor program.  They commented that the game was made of high quality, both packaging and graphics, but we already knew that!" 
Paul K., Overland Park, KS, USA

"I want to thank your company for putting forth the effort to assist me in seeing a dream come true."
Donna A., Jacksonville, NC, USA

"You have done another masterful job and I thank you."
Paul L., Jamestown, ND, USA

"Received the game today. I want to thank you guys for bringing the game to life for me. Outstanding job you have done with the game... Thanks for the wonderfull job you have done for me."
Merle E., Salem, OR, USA

"Thank you very much for going the extra miles in every aspect of the project and particularly your extra hours of support on the Rules. Your professional attention to your customer project requirements is simply outstanding and superb. Thank you for your excellent project support."
Imran K., San Jose, CA, USA

"You guys are so great. If I had a lot of friends wanting to manufacture games, I'd send 'em to you! :)  Well? After this, I bet people WILL be asking me..."
John G., Seattle, WA, USA

"When deciding on an artist, I looked at many portfolios including your website. I went with your company because of your WOW! factor.  I did not find a game on your design site that I did not want to play based on the art. "
S., Orange Park, FL, USA

"All I can say is WOW!"
Lourene M., Pointblank, TX, USA

"The creative side of you guys is GREAT!"
Jim S., Lexington, OH, USA

"I Just wanted to thank you again for a great job on another of my projects. I am very happy with the results!"
Mark G., Aurora, CO, USA

"Thanks so much for your help on this project. I am definitely out of my element here, and it feels very nice to work with someone so knowledgeable and professional on the subject"
Cynthia S., Sacramento, CA, USA

"We received the game today and it is awesome!!  Great Job!!"
Jamie J., Omaha, NE, USA

"Looks great.  I can't see anything to make it better."
Roger W., East Peoria, IL, USA

"I wish you could see the smile on my face. I don't understand how you do this time and time again. You just continue to BLOW ME AWAY with great designs!!!  Everything is wonderful"

"I could not be more pleased... Thank you so very, very much."

"Thank you so much, you can not even imagine the joy you gave me. Thank you so much by ordering me among all your other great art work."
Jan J., New Orleans, LA, USA

"You have done a Great Job!"
April G., Douglas, GA, USA

WOW!  You guys are very fast.  Thanks very much for such excellent service.  Our team are awaiting the board for examination.

I look forward to doing business with you in the near future.
Vanavah E., Barbados

"thanks for the great service"
Adam H., Victoria, Australia
Great service. I am planning to make a Board Game prototype. And with service like this I think its a no brainer to use you guys for that"
B.A Kildalen Oslo, Norway

"I want to add that your company has been the easiest to communicate with so far and I'm reallllly happy with the customer service that I've received...I've never done anything close to this before; I'm a mom just following a lead and a gut instinct, willing to see where this unexpected adventure will take us! Thank you for making it easy, comfortable and positive".
Michelle S., Kelowna, B.C., Canada

"This is really looking very nice! If I was in a shop, it would make me stop and pick it up!  ...The box top is great. Very festive and striking. "
Stephen S., Epsom, Surrey, England

"I picked up the game at the Fed Ex office on Saturday. It looks amazing!!! Very well done."
Ed T., Seoul, Korea

"The game design is unbelievable!"
Al P., Port Hope, Ontario, Canada

"I think that it [the design] looks classy and in keeping with the game." ... "I think that the game looks fantastic"
Paul B., Newport, Isle of Wight, England

"I much enjoyed your website's design and all of the information you supplied therein, as well as this quote. The passion poured into your website's design and contents is more than evident, it is contagious. I almost envy your talent ; )"
Chantilly M., Ste. Anne des Plaines,

"The game is incredible. I love what you have done!!!  The overall layout of the front, side panels and box bottom are awesome!!!! ...I am happy with all of this!!! ...You've done an incredible job taking the original thing I sent you to this point. "
Nick M., Daegu, Dalsegu, S. Korea

"We received our games.  Just wanted to let you know that we are satisfied and very happy with the out come of the games.  Your company and your service is reliable and one that people can depend on.  Looking forward to working with you again real soon."
April G., Douglas, GA

"The graphics are great!  Just what we wanted!"
Chris T., Long Island, NY

"Everything looks great!"
Nina H., South Padre Island, TX

"I wanted to let you know the order arrived today as you had promised, and we were pleased with everything.  Our first grade game turned out wonderfully thanks to your products.  Thank you for your speedy service!"
Debbie V., Fort Worth, TX

"I could tell  that you guys were professional from your website, you've been very helpful, thank you!"
Robert V., FL, USA

"Awesome!!!!! Better that I would have ever expected. The cards are perfect."
Matthew C., Brooklyn, NY, USA

"Just a note to say thanks for all your fabulous work...(the design)...looked so professional - it made a tremendous difference."
Sabina M., Libertyville, IL, USA

"Got the postcards today, they look great! Thanks."
Dr. Andrew  M., Short Hills, NJ, USA

"You're the best I've ever seen!"
Dale E., Yuba City, CA, USA

"Your designs kick a**!  They far exceeded my expectations!"
Lisa R., Las Vegas, NV, USA

"I just received my brochures and they look fantastic! Thank you for your professional design and great pricing."
Rob R., Staten Island, NY, USA

"These business cards are fantastic, thank you!"
Michelle R., San Diego, CA, USA

"The design looks even better than I imagined, I'm very glad I used your services and will recommend you to everyone I know!"
Lou G., Wylliesburg, VA, USA

"Thank you so much for the great design"
Denise S., Brooklyn, NY, USA

"I knew by your website that you would be great, and I was right!"
Skip A., Englewood, FL , USA 

"This looks sooooooo Great!  Thank you!"
Kelli S., Deerfield, IL, USA

"Your creativity borders on genius and we are very satisfied with your work. If you ever require a testimonial or reference you can count on me to give you raving reviews."

"I am referring a gentleman to you...I'll be contacting him... I'm going to tell him YOU'RE THE BEST! Which I truly believe by the way!"
Steve L., Lancaster, MN, USA